How to edit image styles

Image Styles – Select the image you want to change and choose a different style from the drop-down box in the tools panel. Like fonts, you can add a Drop Shadow, Stroke, Outer Glow, and change the Opacity, Rotation, and BlendMode. In addition, you can select from the following style options:

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  • Saturation – Refers to the amount of color in an image or photo. Select the image and use the slider to either lower or increase the amount of color in an image or photo.
  • Brightness – Select the image you want to adjust and click on Brightness in the tools panel. Use the slider to either increase or decrease the brightness of an image.
  • Contrast – To increase the contrast on an image, select the image and click on Contrast then use the slider to either increase or decrease the contrast.
  • Opacity – Select the text you want to make transparent, then click on Style Text in the tools panel and select Opacity from the drop-down menu. Enter a number or use the slide bar to adjust the opacity.
  • Sepia – Select the text box you wish to rotate and use the slider to rotate the text to the desired amount. You can also rotate text by hovering the mouse over the small white circle at the top of the text box until a circular arrow appears and circling the mouse.
  • Blend Mode – Change how text and graphics blend with the background or other elements by using a different “blend mode.” You can choose from the following blending options from the Blend Mode drop-down box: Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Darken, Lighten, Color Dodge, Color Burn, Hard Light, Soft Light, Difference, or Exclusion.
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