How do I copy and paste in my template?

Right Click Menu Options: Right-clicking on a text box will give you the ability to Cut, Copy, Paste, or Delete the text box. You can also Duplicate a text box and Flip it horizontally. Additional options are:

  • Dynamic – The Dynamic feature (default) allows the text box width to resize along with the text inside of it. Unchecking the Dynamic option will leave the text box width the same size regardless of the size of the text inside (so the text will wrap within the box).
  • View – Allows you to Show Rulers for the artboard, Zoom In or Zoom Out, and Zoom to 100%. You can also use the “magnifying glass” icons at the top of the artboard to zoom in or out.
  • Rotate – You can choose to rotate a text box at either 90, 180, or 270 degrees with this option. Selecting 0 degrees will return the textbox to its original position. You can also rotate a text box by hovering on the white dot at the top of the box and clicking and dragging in the direction you wish to rotate.
  • Align to Artboard – Use these options to align a text box to the top, bottom, far left, far right, vertical center, or horizontal center of the artboard.

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